Time for a change!

A club should be a place where like-minded people who share a common interest can help one another mutually achieve their goals. It should promote learning through the interaction of its members and those active members should share the same passion and drive to learn as well as the desire to help one another.

If you are passionate about learning fluent Spanish and you want a club that is active every day, then this is the club for you. However, if you are only casually learning Spanish or expect the club to give you all the answers you are unwilling to look up yourself, then this definitely will NOT be the club for you.

Club “Santiago Hablando”

Mutual passion, mutual work, mutual reward.

If you view a club like a micro-community, a town, or even a family, then you will begin to have the right perspective towards participating in one. Respect, courtesy, and grace are the prime characteristics of its members who each work hard, remain accountable to one another, and encourage each other.

It is all about promoting life, laughter, and learning in a safe place.

So when it is time, I will post the code here on this page, and if anyone actually reads the post and follows the link, then I will see you there!




¡Feliz aprendizaje!



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